First-Of-Its-Kind Technology Places Power Of Evidence-Based Medicine at the Fingertips of Healthcare Providers and Consumers

Research Triangle Park, NC - BioSignia, Inc., a medical technology company based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, will offer its unique disease forecasting technology to LIFESIGNS, Inc. a national disease prevention and wellness company. Capable of pinpointing an individual's risk of developing a specific disease in a 5-year timeframe, the BioSignia technology will be offered to LIFESIGNS clients as part of a comprehensive medical examination and wellness action plan.

BioSignia is the first company to offer the statistical models that incorporate decades of the world's most comprehensive clinical research with personal "biomarkers" to forecast the probability of disease onset. "Biomarkers" are defined as lab test results physical findings and lifestyle parameters.
Unlike Health Risk Assessments (HRA's), BioSignia technology provides an individual's disease risk based on actual clinical assessments rather than using data that is patient reported. Also unique is the fact that BioSignia's synthesis technology instantaneously incorporates the latest findings from the world's most comprehensive medical studies to determine an individual's disease-specific risk.

"BioSignia's sophisticated patented synthesis technology analyzes laboratory data instantaneously - a task that would take me or one of our physicians months or years to assimilate," says Dr. Otis Plunk, CEO and President of LIFESIGNS, Inc. "The more confident the physician is in making definitive recommendations to patients, the more the patients are going to adhere to our advice," he adds. The affiliation between LIFESIGNS and BioSignia will benefit the millions of Americans who are sick or prone to certain diseases and don't even know it. For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that out of the over 15 million Americans who have diabetes, a third are not aware of it. Too often, the diagnosis and treatment of diseases often takes place after the disease has progressed from its early and highly treatable stages to the point where it disables its victims.

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