November 10, 2000

BioSignia® Awarded Two Patents Representing Medical Technology Milestone Unique Tools Help Physicians Predict Chronic Disease Onset, Speed Drugs to Market

Research Triangle Park, NC - BioSignia, Inc., a pioneer in evidence-based medical profiling for assessing disease onset and mortality, has been awarded two patents for tools that help physicians analyze clinical and laboratory information and predict an individual's likelihood of developing certain diseases over time. The statistical methods also can help pharmaceutical companies bring new drugs to market sooner.

The first patent, issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, was awarded to BioSignia® researchers Guizhou Hu, Ph.D., and Martin Root, Ph.D., for a novel statistical method called Synthesis Analysis. BioSignia® uses the method to construct predictive equations that assess personal risk for onset of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and other diseases. Other equations are used to predict disease mortality. Synthesis Analysis allows BioSignia® to incorporate the newest risk factors, as they are discovered and validated, without conducting their own longitudinal study.

"This patent is very significant because it protects BioSignia's approach to incorporating the most recent medical findings on disease risk into the day-to-day practice of medicine," said Joe Chimera, Ph.D., vice president corporate development for BioSignia®. "Because of Synthesis Analysis we can provide healthcare professionals a simple but accurate means to use all the current medical evidence on disease risk in their practice today. We also believe that BioSignia's technology will help pharmaceutical companies bring new drugs to market sooner and assist pharmacoeconomists with making well-informed decisions regarding the cost-effectiveness of medical therapies."

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