June 21, 2001

BioSignia Presents Diabetes Management Tool at ADA Annual Meeting

Clinical tool helps physicians prevent or delay diabetes complications

Research Triangle Park, NC - BioSignia, Inc., a developer of evidence-based assessment technology for chronic disease onset, disease complications and mortality, will present its Diabetes Risk Management System at the 61st annual scientific session of the American Diabetes Association on June 24, 2001.
The risk management system permits individuals with diabetes to prevent serious complications by complying with physician treatment plans aimed at keeping risk factors at acceptable levels. The system correlates major risk factors such as blood pressure, hemoglobin A1C and cholesterol with the onset of retinopathy, renal disease, cardiovascular disease and nervous system damage.

After assessing the patient’s risk factor status, the system calculates the likelihood of developing these complications. In an interactive manner, the individual with diabetes can observe first-hand how keeping these risk factors “in check”, by adhering to the physician’s clinical and lifestyle instructions, can reduce the likelihood of serious complications.
“The system provides a very powerful tool for individualized patient counseling and education,” said Mark Feinglos, M.D., C.M., professor of medicine at Duke University Medical Center. “The graphic display provides an easy to understand picture to the patient regarding their risk of disease complications and instantaneous feedback on how health improvements can reduce these risks.”

BioSignia launched its Diabetes Risk Management System early in 2001.

“The diabetes risk management system is the second product launch for BioSignia within the past six months,” said Joe Chimera, Ph.D., vice president of corporate development at BioSignia. “Our next steps are to have physicians integrate the system into their clinical patient care and to identify corporate partners to fund clinical studies.”

BioSignia, Inc., is a healthcare bioinformatics company based in the Research Triangle region. BioSignia’s mission is the development of “early warning” technologies for predicting and managing chronic disease. The Company develops and markets evidence-based technology that can accurately identify individuals trending toward chronic disease so that preventive measures can be implemented to delay or stop disease progression. BioSignia also develops health management tools that offer high-level support to physicians and patients focused on preventing disease onset and chronic disease complications. BioSignia’s core statistical platform has applications in epidemiological research, drug development and actuarial decision-making. Personal disease risk profiling technology is available through its Internet-based Know Your Number (www.knowyournumber.com) program.

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