August 16, 2002

BioSignia Scientist Invited to Present BioMarker Research During International Conference on Drug Development European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences Meets December in Basel, Switzerland

Research Triangle Park, NC - A leading scientist with a company at the forefront of biomedical predictive modeling has been invited to present recent research on biomarker methodologies during an international conference on drug development.

Dr. Martin Root, Director of Research at BioSignia, has been asked to make a presentation at the session on Biomarkers and Dose Adjustment during the 10th European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS) Conference on “Optimizing the Dose” in Basel, Switzerland.

Founded in 1991, EUFEPS is a pan-European body representing scientists in industry, academia, government and other institutions engaged in drug research, development, regulation and policymaking through Europe. Currently, EUFEPS links 25 member societies in 23 countries.

Dr. Root is scheduled to discuss recent developments in the field of epidemiological predictive modeling that can be used to evaluate a drug’s total effectiveness on a particular disease endpoint. This statistical methodology, called Synthesis Analysis, allows disparate sets of risk factors, or biomarkers, that have been correlated with a common disease endpoint to be combined into a single multivariate predictive equation or Composite Biomarker.

In addition to its role in predicting a drug candidate’s risks and benefits, this technology also has the potential to define a set of risk factors/biomarkers during early drug development that are affected by the drug and can predict long-term clinical outcomes before conducting lengthy longitudinal research, potentially saving drug companies months or even years in the drug development cycle.

BioSignia, Inc. is a life sciences research organization that specializes in understanding the epidemiology of slowly developing multifactor diseases. The company develops cutting-edge predictive technologies for determining risk for morbidity and/or mortality and embeds these technologies in comprehensive systems that augment decisions related to patient care, drug development and marketing, and actuarial sciences.  More information on these technologies can be found at Through its business groups, BioSignia focuses on the unique needs of each sector.

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