BioSignia’s H-CAT technology named “Best Enabling Tool for Disease Management” by DMAA

Research Triangle Park, NC, (October 21, 2004) The 6th Annual Leadership Forum sponsored by The Disease Management Association of America, entitled “Disease Management: Expanding the Horizons” was held in Orlando, Florida October 20 – 23, 2004.  It is recognized as the nation’s largest and most respected disease management conference, bringing together the country's leading healthcare experts and nationally-renowned speakers.  A scientific paper on BioSignia’s H-CAT (Healthcare Claims Analysis Technology) was one of 12 (nationally) selected for oral presentation at the conference.  At the awards banquet on Thursday evening, October 21st, BioSignia was presented with the award for “Best Enabling Tool for Disease Management”. 

According to DMAA, the award "…is designed to recognize a company that has developed an enabling tool that enhances the ability of a disease management program to achieve clinical, humanistic, or economic outcomes." The Best Enabling Tool for Disease Management Award will be presented to the corporation whose efforts through 2003-2004 demonstrated outstanding:

Demonstrated leadership in fostering an environment that recognizes the value of innovative enabling tools for disease management.

Demonstrated degree of innovation in the design and/or implementation of the enabling tool

Demonstrated overall impact on the industry.

Outcomes-based Orientation
Evidence of a thoughtful approach measuring the value of the enabling tool.”

About BioSignia
Headquartered in Cary, N.C., BioSignia is a leading technology and software company focused on bringing innovative risk assessment modeling solutions to the preventive healthcare and life insurance underwriting markets. BioSignia's patented Technology, Synthesis Analysis, provides the underpinnings of the healthcare application, Know Your Number® (KYN), and life insurance application, Mortality Assessment Technology® (MAT). This modeling capability represents a quantum leap forward in both morbidity and mortality risk assessment. BioSignia's R&D team has continued to advance synthesis modeling, continuously updating it to reflect the ever expanding need for better risk assessment, as well as effective chronic disease prevention, management, and treatment. For more information about BioSignia, visit:

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