April 24, 2006

Dr. Guizhou Hu, BioSignia, V.P. Research & Development Awarded Triangle Business Journal’s Health Care Hero Award in the Category of Innovation.

Durham, NC – “I keep it on my refrigerator to remind me of what I have to work on,” “When I see those graphs and how close I was to developing a chronic disease it made me rethink just how healthy I think I am” and “Seeing those graphs and numbers decrease is a good feeling” are powerful words stated by patients using Know Your Number®.  These patients’ words are the underlying reason Dr. Guizhou Hu, V. P. Research & Development at BioSignia was recently honored by the Triangle Business Journal as a Health Care Hero in the category of Innovation.

Dr. Hu is the principal architect behind BioSignia’s patented technology imbedded in the company’s renowned Know Your Number®. Know Your Number is a service globally provided by BioSignia to physicians and healthcare professionals graphically predicting an individual’s chances of developing multiple chronic diseases – Coronary Heart Disease, Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, Stroke, on a single page inclusive of achievable risk reductions. It is the most advanced and comprehensive Health Risk Assessment Tool available today.

“We listened to physicians and healthcare providers at every step in the development of Know Your Number. They needed a service to take a patient’s lab results and translate these numbers into something a patient could understand. Know Your Number® graphically translates these numbers into something a physician can use to explain chronic disease risk factors and related healthcare concerns they have for their patients. Know Your Number’s graphs are the key to proactive intervention through awareness and motivate patients while also graphically demonstrating how these risk factors can be reduced. As we have learned “Seeing is believing”.  We call it the 3rFactor – Risk/Risk Reduction. I am honored to be the recipient of this award and accept it on behalf of all of us at BioSignia,” Dr. Hu.

For additional information on Know Your Number® and related BioSignia services you can reach Dr. Hu at (919) 933-2021 or go to BioSignia’s web site www.biosignia.com.

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