May 7, 2007

BioSignia Announces Agreement To Deliver Chronic Disease Prediction Technology Through Regional Pharmacy Chain Kerr Drug

Research Triangle Park NC – BioSignia, a leading healthcare technology company focused on the early detection, prevention and management of chronic diseases, today announced the signing of a licensing agreement with regional pharmacy chain Kerr Drug.

Under terms of the agreement, BioSignia’s revolutionary Know Your Number® testing tool will be available to customers at participating Kerr Health Care Centers in North Carolina. Know Your Number is currently not available through any other pharmacy chain nationwide.

Know Your Number predicts the onset of preventable diseases, compares your current health status against your peers, reveals what chronic disease risks are modifiable and lets you know what factors (e.g. lack of exercise, smoking) are contributing to the risks of developing specific chronic conditions. Findings are communicated in easy-to-interpret, visually compelling reports that also help individuals track their progress.

Kerr Drug is deeply committed to providing the highest quality health and wellness services to patients, the medical community and healthcare sponsors. Adding Know Your Number to the roster of solutions already offered at its health care centers serves to further the company’s mission of being the premier community pharmacy in North Carolina. “Know Your Number is, by no means, a standard health risk assessment tool,” commented Joe Heidrick, R.Ph., PharmD and program coordinator at Kerr Drug. “It evaluates and reports a person’s chances of developing a chronic disease in a much more accurate, actionable manner.”

Driven by a powerful, patented predictive technology, Know Your Number is the first and only clinically based multi-dimensional tool to predict an individual’s risk of onset, progression, or life expectancy related to multiple chronic diseases.
“We are extremely excited at the opportunity to work with one of the most recognized and respected retail organizations in the nation,” commented Tim Smith, CEO of BioSignia. “We firmly believe in the power of the Know Your Number solution and the benefits it will deliver to Kerr Drugs’ customers.”

About BioSignia
Headquartered in Cary, N.C., BioSignia is a leading technology and software company focused on bringing innovative risk assessment modeling solutions to the preventive healthcare and life insurance underwriting markets. BioSignia's patented Technology, Synthesis Analysis, provides the underpinnings of the healthcare application, Know Your Number® (KYN), and life insurance application, Mortality Assessment Technology® (MAT). This modeling capability represents a quantum leap forward in both morbidity and mortality risk assessment. BioSignia's R&D team has continued to advance synthesis modeling, continuously updating it to reflect the ever expanding need for better risk assessment, as well as effective chronic disease prevention, management, and treatment. For more information about BioSignia, visit:

About Kerr Drug
Kerr Drug is one of the most recognized and respected names in the chain drug industry. With its roots in the Carolinas and headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina, Kerr Drug is taking the vision of community pharmacy farther than any other drug chain. The company has placed its future on its unique ability to provide patients, the medical community, and health plan sponsors, access to the most comprehensive and convenient health and wellness offering in the industry. With a mission to be the most comprehensive provider of pharmacy and related health care services, while continuing to be the most reliable provider of health related and convenience items, Kerr is currently providing services that far exceed the traditional drug store mix. For more information, please visit

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