What's her number?


Know Your Number® helps drive better outcomes from health and wellness programs

As a provider of health and wellness solutions you are well aware that a program's success is largely determined by your ability to enroll and engage the individuals most likely to benefit from a preventive health initiative, at the right time.

Know Your Number is the health risk assessment engine designed to help you do just that:

  • Identify the prime candidates, at the optimal time and engage them in targeted initiatives

  • Drive enrollment in health and wellness programs

  • Increase participants' compliance with recommendations

  • Demonstrate program effectiveness and quantify ROI

Unlike other tools available to wellness and disease management professionals, Know Your Number approaches health risk assessment from a scientific, disease-specific perspective. Know Your Number empowers wellness and disease management programs with the actionable information needed to design more targeted, powerful programs that deliver the ROI your corporate clients are looking for.

Explore the many ways in which Know Your Number can add value to your health and wellness programs. Contact us today.


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