Assessing the likelihood that individuals will develop a chronic, preventable disease resulting in poor quality of life, declining productivity, and higher healthcare costs has become a major concern for healthcare providers, insurers, and employers alike.

Each individual is unique and requires personalized assessment based on the best medical evidence.

Know Your Number® can help.

Driven by a powerful, patented technology, Know Your Number educates individuals and population health organizations on how risk factors impact their health, with particular attention given to those risk factors that can be improved by lifestyle changes. Know Your Number presents health information in a motivational manner designed to help drive behavior change, while providing intervention program insight and measurement for population health managers. Most importantly, Know Your Number is completely evidence-based, and this means personalized health risk assessment at its best.


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Know Your Number is not intended to diagnose or to recommend treatment for any disease. All risk calculations are derived from, and intended to summarize, peer-reviewed literature.

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